Sabre Rotary Machine (Lava Orange)
  • Sabre Rotary Machine (Lava Orange)
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Sabre Rotary Machine (Lava Orange)

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THE SABRE X17 (4.5 Watt Maxon Motor)
THE SABRE DCX (10 Watt Maxon Motor)

What the difference between the X17 & DCX? The DCX has a stronger Maxon motor, this extra power allows you to use cartridges and larger needles with ease and can run on a much less voltage with the increased torque.

Identical looking to the Sabre x17 but this features the New Maxon DCX 10W motor.
It can power any needle or cartridge with ease and run at much less voltage with the increased torque.

No more endless twisting and turning of your hit adjuster to find your favorite setting.

The "One Touch" Sabre adjuster features 10 settings.
You can go from ultra hard to soft in one single turn.
As its indexed your favorite set up can be returned to each time, taking the guesswork out of your work.

MOTOR: Swiss 4.5 Watt Maxon Motor (X17) or Swiss 10 Watt Maxon Motor
FRAME: Constructed from scratch resistant BioCote® ABS and black anodized aircraft aluminum.
MADE IN THE UK: From the initial concept design to the injection moulding and CNC aluminum work is all manufactured right here in the UK, except of course the Maxon Swiss motor.


BIOCOTE® ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY - Sabre have teamed up with BioCote® making it the first tattoo machine to house antimicrobial technology.
BioCote® is added during manufacturing and lasts for the life of the machine. It is proven and guaranteed under laboratory conditions against drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and CRE.

IMPROVED PISTON - The piston has been re-engineered and injection moulded to an exacting finish. The machine is smoother, quieter and runs at a much lower voltage without stalling.

EVERYTHING HAS EVOLVED - Available in 7 Striking colors: Jet Black, Cobalt Blue, Graphite, Lava Orange, Magenta, Signal Red and Polar White.

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