Sabre TRIDENT Disposable Tubes (15pcs)
  • Sabre TRIDENT Disposable Tubes (15pcs)

Sabre TRIDENT Disposable Tubes (15pcs)

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The Sabre TRIDENT Disposable Tubes (15pcs) are designed exclusively for practice or training on synthetic skin, given their status as expired beyond the recommended date. Ideal for tattoo apprentices or any artist seeking to enhance their skills, these tubes are marked specifically for non-clinical use, ensuring safe practice environments. Each tube features a unique 1.25" curvilinear triangle handle that is ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort and reduce hand fatigue during extended practice sessions.

Sabre® has engineered these disposable tubes to replicate the feel and handling of professional-grade tattoo equipment, facilitating a seamless transition from practice to real-world applications. The triangular grip helps in maintaining a steady hand, which is crucial for developing precise and consistent tattooing techniques. Despite their expired status for clinical use, these tubes offer a valuable resource for those looking to practice with high-quality equipment that closely mimics the operational feel of their regular tools.

Technical Specifications:

-Brand: Sabre®
-Quantity: 15 pcs
-Grip Style & Size: 1.25" Curvilinear Triangle Handle
-Intended Use: Practice or training on fake skin only
-Note: Expired product, not suitable for use on human skin

Package Contents:

-15 x Sabre TRIDENT Disposable Tubes

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