Start Up Facility Power Cord
  • Start Up Facility Power Cord

Start Up Facility Power Cord

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The Start Up Facility Power Cord is specifically designed for tattoo artists who prefer to pair their Cheyenne tattoo machines with non-Cheyenne power supply units. This essential accessory addresses the compatibility issue that arises due to the higher power requirements of Cheyenne machines, which can be too demanding for standard power supplies. By using this cord, artists can effortlessly connect their Cheyenne Hawk or other Cheyenne machines to any third-party power supply, ensuring a smooth and efficient start-up process without needing to manually adjust voltage settings.

Traditionally, starting a Cheyenne machine with a non-Cheyenne power supply requires setting the power unit to 12V to initiate the machine's operation, then lowering it to a stable 5V for continued use. This power cord simplifies this procedure, eliminating the need for these initial adjustments. With the Start Up Facility Power Cord, artists can enjoy a seamless transition to their preferred voltage settings, enhancing the tattooing experience.

Technical Specifications:

-Purpose: Allows Cheyenne machines to start with non-Cheyenne power supplies
-Voltage Adjustment: Automates the start-up process, eliminating manual 12V to 5V adjustment
-Compatibility:Designed for all Cheyenne tattoo machines

Package Contents:

-1 Start Up Facility Power Cord

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