Stealth Universal Battery Pack


The Stealth Universal Battery Pack: Unmatched Performance

Brand: Stealth

Display: Features a clear digital display with touch sensor buttons for precise voltage control.

Voltage: Adjustable to 1 decimal, with a maximum reach of 12 volts to suit various tattooing requirements.

Connection: Supports RCA or 3.5mm Cheyenne connections, compatible with various machines.

Colors: Available in Black, Grey, and Blue.

Battery Life: Offers 6-8 hours of operation, depending on machine intensity.

Charge Time: Full charge in three hours, minimizing downtime.

Battery Weight: Lightweight at 3.1oz, reducing hand fatigue during long sessions.

Battery Size: Compact at 3 inches tall and a 1.25" diameter, fits most tattoo machines.

Charger Connection: Employs USB-C for charging. Note: charging cord not included.

Warranty: Comes with a 6-month limited warranty.

An Artist’s Ally

The Stealth Universal Battery Pack is a tattoo artist's dream. Its features like intuitive touch sensors, quick charging, and long-lasting battery life combine to make a powerful and efficient tool. With its lightweight design and the inclusion of a travel case, it's not just convenient but also portable and secure. A versatile partner for any tattoo artist.

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