Stealth Lite Rotary Machine


Liner or Shader - Both Multi-Purpose
Machine Type - Rotary Machine
Brand - StealthLite® (1st Generation)
Frame Material - Hard Composite Plastic
Motor Info and Max RPM - Japanese Motor & 7,000 Maximum RPM
Needle Swing - We offer 4 different swing lengths: 4.5mm, 4mm, 3mm, & 2mm. Special note: We sell bearings separately if you decide you want to change your swing length later.
Machine Connection - Available in RCA or Clip Cord connection.
Weight - 3.1 oz

Product Info - Why do we offer 4 different swing lengths? Everyone's needle swing preference is different. Not everyone has the same preference when tattooing. Also it depends on if you are going to be using it as a liner or shader. The bearings are easy to change and can be done in 1 min. Please check out our YouTube Video to see how to change it. The machines are available in Clip Cord or RCA connection for power.

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