Sude Erdem Grays Set
  • Sude Erdem Grays Set

Sude Erdem Grays Set

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Sude Erdem Grays Set

Brand: Xtreme Ink
Color: Ink Set
Shades: Sude Gray 1, Sude Gray 2, Sude Gray 3, & Sude Gray 4
Sizes: 1-oz or 4-oz

Beginning with Sude Gray - 1, this piece sets the tone for the collection with its light gray hue.
In Sude Gray - 2, the gray shade deepens slightly.
Sude Gray - 3 introduces a medium shade that strikes the perfect balance between light and dark shades.
Sude Gray - 4 presents a rich, charcoal gray tone.
Finally, Sude Gray - 5 concludes the collection with the darkest shade of gray tattoo ink.

Together, the Sude Erdem Grays Set offers a cohesive collection that seamlessly blends from one gray shade to the next.

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