TAC Anesthetic Cream
  • TAC Anesthetic Cream

TAC Anesthetic Cream

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The TAC Tattoo Anesthetic Cream is tattoo pain relief cream, formulated with a powerful combination of prilocaine and lidocaine for rapid and sustained numbing. Developed through collaboration between dermatologists and tattoo professionals, TAC is specifically designed for effective pain management during tattoo sessions. Available in 1-oz jars with options for bulk purchases, this cream is intended for tattoo artists looking to provide a less painful tattooing experience.

Key Features:

-Formulation: Combines prilocaine and lidocaine for effective pain neutralization.
-Packaging: Conveniently available in 1-oz jars.
-Bulk Purchase Options: Enjoy discounted pricing on bulk orders, available in packs of 6 or 12.
-Professional-Grade Quality: Tailored for professional use, ensuring top-notch results for tattoo artists and clients alike.

Intended Use:

-This cream is strictly for professional application, for artists to provide a more comfortable tattooing experience for their clients.

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