Tat Tech Light Box

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The lightbox is designed with an ultra-bright LED backlight that can be easily controlled, providing users with a high degree of precision and accuracy when tracing. The large tracing spaces offer ample room for creative expression, making this lightbox ideal for artists and designers alike. To ensure that every user has the tools they need to bring their artistic vision to life, the lightbox is equipped with a 6.5-foot chord, a USB wall outlet adaptor, and a choice of networking possibilities. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, this lightbox is the perfect tool for bringing your ideas to life with precision and ease.

Versatile Models: For portability without sacrificing capability, pick between the A4 (1.1 pounds) or A3 (2.3 lbs) models.

Large Tracing Areas: A4 (8.5"" x 12"") and A3 (12"" x 17"") offer lots of room for accuracy and imagination.

Adjustable brightness: This controllable LED backlighting is ideal for artists of all skill levels which suits their preferences

Flexible Power: You can power up anywhere with a 6.5-foot USB chord that connects to a variety of devices or the supplied USB wall outlet adaptor.

Entire Setup: Every Tat Tech Light Box comes with a USB wall outlet adapter and a 6.5-foot cable, making it a one-stop shop for creative genius.

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