Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade
  • Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade

Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade

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The Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade is distinguished by its exceptionally slim profile of merely 0.25 inches. This pedal is designed to significantly enhance user comfort and equipment durability, featuring a flat and thin structure that allows tattoo artists to maintain a natural foot position without the need to lift their heel. Such ergonomic design not only reduces fatigue during prolonged tattooing sessions but also integrates seamlessly into any tattooing setup thanks to its minimalist footprint.

Technical aspects of the Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade include a foot-friendly flat design, a lengthy 7.5 feet cord for superior flexibility in studio layouts, and premium copper wiring for dependable conductivity. A standard 1/4" Phono Plug ensures universal compatibility across various tattoo power supplies, making it a versatile choice for professionals. Constructed with two flat metal pieces, the pedal is built to withstand regular use without breaking, offering reliability alongside its innovative design.

Technical Specifications:

- Foot Pedal Type: A Flat Thin Pedal that ensures the foot remains comfortably flat on the floor, reducing strain during long sessions.
- Cord Length: A generous 7.5 feet cord length offers flexibility in setup and movement.
- Wire Type: Premium Copper Wiring guarantees efficient and reliable conductivity.
- Plug Type: Standard 1/4" Phono Plug for universal compatibility with tattoo power supplies.
- Product Info: The pedal's construction includes 2 flat metal pieces, designed to be virtually unbreakable under normal use conditions.

Package Contents:

- 1 Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade
- 1 7.5 feet Cord with Premium Copper Wiring
- Product Manual

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