Ultra Foam Disposable Tubes (25pcs)
  • Ultra Foam Disposable Tubes (25pcs)

Ultra Foam Disposable Tubes (25pcs)

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The Ultra Foam Disposable Tubes (25pcs) from Ultra® are designed specifically for practice or training on synthetic skin. These disposable tubes are equipped with a 1.25" inch foam grip handle, tailored to provide maximum comfort and reduce hand cramps during extended tattooing sessions. Ideal for both lining and shading, these tubes offer a performance advantage by allowing artists to practice their craft for longer periods without discomfort.

Each tube is constructed to support tattoo artists in developing their skills effectively. The memory foam grip is especially beneficial for those learning to manage their hand stability and pressure, making these tubes an excellent choice for apprentices or professionals looking to refine their techniques on fake skin. While these tubes are intended solely for practice purposes and not for use on human skin, they provide a realistic feel that simulates the experience of using professional tattoo equipment.

Technical Specifications:

-Product: Ultra Memory Foam Disposable Tubes
-Brand: Ultra®
-Grip Style & Size: 1.25" Inch Foam Grip Handle
-Performance: Designed to minimize hand cramps, suitable for lining and shading
-Quantity: 25 pcs

Package Contents:
-25 x Ultra Foam Disposable Tubes

Note: These tubes are to be used only for practice or training on synthetic skin. They are ideal for tattoo artists seeking a comfortable, realistic tool for skill enhancement without the risk of fatigue or discomfort.

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