Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes (Diamond Tip)
  • Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes (Diamond Tip)

Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes (Diamond Tip)

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The Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes (Diamond Tip) are specifically designed for artists who prioritize fine line work and intricate details. The unique geometry of the diamond tip features a V shape that securely cradles the needle, effectively minimizing wobble and enabling the execution of thin, clean, and straight lines with greater accuracy.

The ergonomic design is further enhanced by a 1.25" inch foam grip handle, offering superior comfort and reducing the likelihood of hand cramps during prolonged tattoo sessions. This thoughtful integration of comfort and functionality ensures that artists can focus on their craft without the distraction of discomfort.

Technical Specifications:

-Product Type: Ultra Memory Foam Disposable Tubes
-Tip Style: Diamond Tip
-Brand: Ultra®
-Grip Style & Size: 1.25" Inch foam grip handle
-Performance: Specifically designed to support clean, straight lines and detailed art.

Package Contents:

-Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes (Diamond Tip) with memory foam grip

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