Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes (Round Tip)
  • Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes (Round Tip)

Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes (Round Tip)

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The Ultra FOAM Disposable Tubes are crafted with the dual goals of precision and artist comfort in mind, featuring a round tip that's adept for both lining and shading tasks. With their 1.25-inch foam grip handle, thoughtfully designed to mitigate hand cramps and fatigue that often accompany long tattoo sessions. This attention to comfort and control allows artists to concentrate on their artistry, free from the hindrances of physical discomfort.

These disposable tubes are enhanced with a memory foam grip that molds to the artist's hand, offering a comfortable, yet secure hold that facilitates meticulous and precise work. Ready for immediate use, these tubes streamline the preparation process, prioritizing safety and hygiene.

Technical Specifications:

-Product: Ultra Memory Foam Disposable Tubes.
-Tip Style: Round Tip
-Brand: Ultra®
-Grip Style & Size: 1.25" Inch memory foam grip handle
-Performance: Specifically designed to minimize hand cramps and fatigue.

Package Contents:

- Ultra Memory Foam Disposable Tubes

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a memory foam grip that is 1.25" Inch wide.

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