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UltraDerm Film Bandage

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UltraDerm Film Bandages, one 8-yard roll of UltraDerm Tattoo Care Bandages

Brand: Ultraderm
Purpose: To maintain the cleanliness of your tattoo and facilitate optimal healing.
Sizes Available: Choose from two roll sizes (5.9 inch or 7.9 inch wide and 8 yards long) or two flat sheet sizes available in packs of 10 sheets per box (5.9 inch x 7.9 inch & 7.9 inch x 9.9 inch). Ultraderm can be tailored to your preferred dimensions.

Product Overview

Ultraderm Tattoo Care Bandages provide an innovative solution for tattoo aftercare. Crafted to nourish the skin and accelerate recovery, Ultraderm offers unique features to enhance the healing process.

Enhanced Tattoo Healing

Healing is significantly expedited when wounds remain moist and uncontaminated. Utilizing Ultraderm bandages as directed seals your body’s natural fluids and enzymes, maintaining moisture and preventing scabbing. This environment facilitates cellular hydration, efficient removal of dead tissues, rapid blood vessel regeneration, stimulated new cell growth, and noticeable pain reduction. Studies substantiate that moist wounds may heal twice as quickly as dry wounds.


Ultraderm’s engineered design ensures permeability to gases, rendering the bandages breathable. This unique feature allows continuous wear for several days while maintaining normal skin functionality. Additional benefits include proper heat transfer and a decreased risk of infection.


Ultraderm forms an impenetrable barrier against dirt and germs, safeguarding your fresh ink and minimizing the risk of infection. Moreover, Ultraderm also protects clothing and sheets from potential staining, offering all-around care for your new tattoo.

Available in various sizes to suit your needs, Ultraderm Tattoo Care Bandages present an advanced and professional solution for tattoo aftercare. With an emphasis on healing, breathability, and protection, Ultraderm provides an unparalleled experience to nourish your art and keep it looking vibrant. Invest in your artistry with the assurance and quality that Ultraderm provides.

Please note that all Ultraderm products are designed with the user's comfort and safety in mind and can be cut to preference for a personalized fit.

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