Curved Magnum Shaders
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Curved Magnum Shaders

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Worldwide Tattoo Supply Round Liner Cartridges

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From our inception in 1989 as TCM Supply Corp, our Curved Magnum Shaders have symbolized our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. Those who have been with us since the beginning might fondly remember our signature Purple Box graced with the Rainbow Dragon – a nostalgic nod to our rich legacy in the tattoo world.

Today, as WorldWide Tattoo Supply, we're excited to unveil the latest incarnation of this storied tradition – the Worldwide Tattoo Supply Curved Magnum Shader Cartridge. We've meticulously preserved the integrity of our hallmark quality while seamlessly infusing modern enhancements to address the nuanced needs of contemporary tattoo artistry.

- Product: Curved Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges with Membrane

- Needle Size: Standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter

- Brand: WorldWide®

- Sold In: Boxes of 20pcs

- Sterilized: EO Gas Sterile

- Compatibility: Adhering to the gold standard of our industry, these cartridges have been crafted to be universally adaptable, fitting seamlessly with all tattoo machines and grips. The cutting-edge membrane technology ensures ink remains where it should, eliminating concerns of backspatter, and paving the way for a pristine tattooing journey.

Each WorldWide® Curved Magnum Shader Cartridge is not only a testament to our unparalleled steel quality and soldering expertise but also showcases our relentless attention to detail. The transparent precision tip, designed with a dual aperture, provides crystal clear visibility and a consistent, smooth ink flow. We uphold a rigorous quality assurance process, ensuring that every cartridge delivered to you epitomizes excellence.

Expand your savings with our exclusive 3-Box bulk purchase deal. Lean on WorldWide® – a nexus of tradition and precision.

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