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Hornet Pen
Hornet Pen Model#: HORNET-PEN-GREEN

The Hornet is powerful, lightweight and compact

$7.50 - $39.99

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$50.00 - $500.00
Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine
Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine Model#: ECLIPSE3-A4

The ECLIPSE® Version 3 Thermal Copier Machine offers advanced speed control and an ergonomic, lightweight design for easy portability and optimal stencil creation. Featuring an LED digital adjustment and IR sensor for precise stencil quality, this machine is engineered for the continuous operation favored by professional tattoo artists. It operates on 110 Volts, measures 17" x 8" x 5", and weighs 11 lbs. Quick cooling and maintenance features ensure durability and efficiency. Included are a 1-Year Limited Warranty (extendable up to 4 years), and easy maintenance access. The package comes with the machine, warranty options, and a guide for operation and maintenance.

$5.00 - $899.99
20 Round Liners, Long Cartridge Needles
20 Round Liners, Long Cartridge Needles Model#: ECL1201RL

The Evolution® Long Cartridge Needles offer precision with a long taper design, ensuring compatibility with standard grips. They are EO gas sterilized for safety and hygiene. Designed for efficiency, these needles reduce setup time for tattoo artists. Their construction guarantees reliable performance in professional settings.

Ultra Thin LED Tracing Light Box
Ultra Thin LED Tracing Light Box Model#: LIGHT-BOX-A3-NEW

Only 1/4" Inch thick, and stands 1.25" Inch tall. Includes additional tilting legs to prop it up in 2 angles.

$30.00 List Price:$70.00 You Save: $40.00 (57%) In Stock
Learn How to Tattoo "Asian Back Piece"
Learn How to Tattoo "Asian Back Piece" Model#: DVD-ASIAN

This comprehensive 6-chapter, 6-hour tutorial, brought to you by INSANE TATTOO PRODUCTS, provides detailed guidance on creating traditional Asian back pieces, including iconic designs like the Oni Mask, Devil Mask, Tiger, Waterfall, Koi, and Warrior. Its ideal for artists at any skill level

$15.00 List Price:$24.99 You Save: $9.99 (40%) In Stock
Radical Power Supply
Radical Power Supply Model#: RADICAL-POWER1.0

The Hand Motion Tattoo Power Supply from Radical Tattoo Supply helps artists control voltage with hand gestures, enhancing workflow efficiency and precision. This intuitive device supports easy switching between machines, customizable voltage presets for specific artistic needs, and comes with all necessary adapter cords for immediate setup. It's universally compatible with standard equipment and offers an optional Bluetooth foot pedal for wireless control. Protected by a 1-year warranty and including a comprehensive user manual, this power supply package is designed for tattoo artists looking for innovation and ease in their craft.

$40.00 - $350.00
Cyclone 360 LCD Power Unit
Cyclone 360 LCD Power Unit Model#: CYCLONE

Cyclone® 360 10-turn LCD tattoo power supply unit.

$30.00 - $63.75
Blue Power with Speakers
Blue Power with Speakers Model#: PS-BLUEPOWER

This is one the first power supplies with built in speakers that can connect to your phone by Bluetooth.

$125.00 List Price:$150.00 You Save: $25.00 (17%) 6 In Stock

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